Why Ex-Tech?

Ex-tech Group – Ensuring the safety of both people and the environment – Trusted partner and Innovator for Explosion Protection and Ex Compliance.

Main value for customer?

Ex-tech is the Explosion Protection and Ex Compliance expert and innovator. Our complete Ex solutions safeguard people, environment and equipment both offshore and onshore.


To Ex-tech Group – competence and developing turn key solutions is our key to success. Combining well developed experience from markets all over the world, our in depth Ex-guidelines, standards and requirements to customer needs are our speciality. Serving our customers challenges with our core competence, comprehensive Ex product portfolio is our desire and why we are in this Ex-business.
Kristin Tyrihans
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Why Ex-Tech?

Innovator Explosion Protection

Trusted Ex Partner
Comprehensive Ex-portfolio
Digitalisation Explosion Protection
Ex Competence