Why Ex-tech?

Ex-tech Group – Ensuring the safety of both people and the environment – Trusted partner and Innovator for Explosion Protection and Ex Compliance.
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Ex-tech Group offers the world`s smallest Ex-certified wireless sensorsolution for real time monitoring, predictive maintenance and operational efficiency in hazardous areas.

Main value for customer?

Ex-tech is the Explosion Protection and Ex Compliance expert and innovator. Our complete Ex solutions safeguard people, environment and equipment both offshore and onshore.

Digitalization and Automation

Ex-tech Group and Disruptive Technologies (DT) now offer their cutting edge tiny sensor for hazardous area, allowing customers to benefit from high data accuracy in their maintenance planning and operational excellence. This means the Industry Hydrogen, O&G, Petrochemicals, Pharmacy etc. remotely can operate, monitor and control their installations onshore and offshore to a fraction of the cost, reducing manual work, prevent incidents and gain new and important insight – that benefits business, employees and environment.

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Why Ex-tech?

Innovator Explosion Protection
Trusted Ex Partner
Comprehensive Ex-portfolio
Digitalisation Explosion Protection
Ex Competence