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Ex e XAWF in aluminium

The control stations XAWF, made in aluminium, are equipped with our extensive range of robust and flexible control and signalling units HarmAtex, They combine the functions start and stop for motors, fans, pumps ..., and they can be provided with measuring instruments for current control, voltage or other physical quantities. The functions can be predefined or determined according to the requirement of the application. Up to 52 control and signalling units can be installed on the XAWF control units.

Ex e XAWF in Aluminium

The junction boxe XAWF range Ex e in aluminum enclosures are designed for use in any environment where an explosive atmosphere may be present and are suitable for chemical agent environments, seawater corrosion resistance and extremes of low and high temperature. The maximum number of terminals depends of terminals section, operating temperature and required temperature class. They can also be equipped with push buttons, selector switches, pilot lights, measurement instruments.