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Control Unit ELB F-135

The ELB F-351 electronic purge controller is for use with Ex-tech solution TNAP Ex p pressurized system

Ex d e IIC Pressure switches XML

The XML range of pressure switches is designed for applications where it is important to control fluids in your installation from 0.1 to 500 bars. With an extensive range for pressures and fluids, XMLWC gives you control in the hazardous area.

Ex d IIC Limit switches XCWD compact

The limit switches XCWD, designed for intensive use, have: • 2 or 4 electrically separate snap action contacts • heads that can be adjusted from 15° to 15° on 360° relative    to the body • a wide choice of actuators, 4 cable lengths • distance of fixing holes identical to the previous range XCWA, they can easily substitute.

Ex d IIC Photocells XUWB

With a footprint of only 30 mm in diameter, this prewired photo-electric sensor XUWB ATEX certified Ex d, can be used in all types of applications. With a nominal range from 0.6 m to 15 m, it will be able to meet all your need's

Ex e DE1GW in Carbon or stainless steel

The junction boxes DEIGW Increased safety - Group IIC - Painted steel or stainless steel AISI 316L These junction boxes series are ideal for environments in the presence of chemical agents, corrosion resistant and suitable for very high and very low ambient temperatures. The maximum number of terminals depends of terminals section, operating temperature and required temperature class. They are equipped with a mounting plate and the fixing brackets. They can also be equipped with push buttons, selector switches, pilot lights, measurement instruments and are available in other sizes.

Ex e XAWG in GRP

The control stations XAWG, made in glass-reinforced polyester (GRP), are equipped with our extensive range of robust and flexible control and signalling units HarmAtex, They combine the functions start and stop for motors, fans, pumps ..., and they can be provided with measuring instruments for current control, voltage or other physical quantities. The functions can be predefined or determined according to the requirement of the application. Up to 48 control and signalling units can be installed on the XAWG control units. They are also available empty for making junction boxes For product request please contact:

IIC DE8WH – Painted Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Motor Starters

The rugged DE8WH triple-pole motor starters Ex d in carbon steel with thermal overload relay are ideally suited for many applications. The range is available in three versions: • with thermal overload relay, without isolator, without fuses • with thermal overload relay, without isolator, with fuses • with thermal overload relay, with isolator, with fuses A wide range of enclosures associated to a wide range of thermal overload relays, disconnecting switches with or without fuses, allows a customization of starters for various applications.

Pull wire switches

The XY2WCE tripwire emergency stop is located above or close to the conveyor. In the event of a mechanical problem or overloading on the belt, the tripwire mechanism will stop the belt to stop.


TNAML range is 100% encapsulated, maintenance free design requiring only visual inspection to IEC/EN 60079-17. With 10 years operational warranty assures favourable total cost of ownership.  Fully recyclable, environmental friendly product with an High light output efficiency (>80%) - Less luminaries required for same lighting level. Two version standard or emergency light version, emergency light by LEDs. Optional battery powered, 90/180 minutes. Self- cleaning glass and no condensation. Different type of mounting are possible, pole, ceiling and suspended mounting with adapted brackets.

TRCG polyamid Cable Gland

TRCG series in polyamide cable gland with metric threads for use in Ex e enclosure, with high IP rating.

Ex d e IIC Limit switches XCK & XCR

The limit switches XCK and XCR ranges of limit switches are based on Télémecanique sensors series of operator heads and bodies and is equipped with Ex ed Ex-tech (Ex-tech solution) contact block suitable for Zone 1 use. The products are well known around the world for their reliability, design and flexibility of application. The XCKW series are supplied with fitted cable gland for easy installation. XCKWMR are fitted for lifting Equipment, conveyors, handling devices. XCRA / B / TW are fitted for lifting Equipment, conveyors.

Ex e DE1GU Safety switches in GRP

Increased safety - Group IIC  safety switches  DE1G series are made of polyester (GRP) or in stainless steel AISI 316L. They provide isolation during maintenance or repair of machines in every industrial application in hazardous areas.